Monday, May 21, 2012

missing my blog!

Wow I have like so much to blog about but that would be a novel on here so I will break it up. First thing last Monday I chopped off my hair! For those that know me in real life, I just did my short sorta Victoria Beckam look. I did an all over warm brown and then blond highlights just on the top, it looks pretty good.   I had it done at the Paul Mitchell School with my groupon and tip it was only $35 ($70 was the original bill)!  I had grown my hair out for the Subball so I could wear an updo!

This is one week later after 2 night shifts! 

So last week I took my ESO test, which is Emergency Standing Orders. It allows nurses to perform certain procedures and pass medications when patients are in a life threatening state before the MD arrives or the code team. I passed! Talk about stress relief, passed EKG test week before too! whew!
Speed up to Friday, I was invited to a pampered chef party with the profits going towards a friend's 3 day walk breast cancer fundraising. It had been announced that after wards we would be headed to the roller rink! Besides middle school and maybe some high school the last time I had been roller skating was about 3 years ago after I had twins. I was 3 weeks post partum and afraid I would burst open my incision. Here is my view of a flashback! haha (don't know what happened with the lighting) I was way better than I was before but still scared to fall. And of course some little kid fell in front on me and down I went! 

 News on a winning streak for me! First thing I won was this! I plan on using it for my pesky spider veins! This was a drawing at huddle for work!
Then I won this contest from Mama Laughlin's blog!
I am getting the red one that says puttin in the work! I had already ordered I run because I can! 
Then I looked on Keeping up with Katie blog I read and saw I won her goodie box by donating to her sister's preclampsia walk! totally awesome, so far I know there is a camelback in there, can't wait to get it in!!! So with my streak I have decided to enter an Under Armour giveaway on Katie's blog and one for 1bandID on Jen's blog. Make sure you check them out! Katie's ends tonight!!! And tomorrow I will fill you in on the GREAT AMAZING ROC RACE I did on Saturday!!! 

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