Sunday, February 5, 2012

another sunday!

wow life really goes by fast! So Saturday is my half marathon training group today we met in Ocean Beach and had an amazing 3 mile out and 3 mile back run along the ocean! BEAUTIFUL! I run with my gf Dee and Todd runs as well although he is much much faster than us!!! It is pretty cool to watch for him, he heads out about 30 mins after us so we see him on the homestretch! So as Dee and are running a snail's pace we both realized HOLY MOLEY we did not work out at all this past week! so after i post this I am going to look at my busy schedule and the Y classes, the base schedule, and my assigned running days/times for the week and have a game plan.

Todd and I bought a dehydrator, I am excited to get it in, which should be Tuesday (thank you Amazon prime!) I love beef jerky and we really want to stop being so wasteful so we are hoping this is a way to save fruits/vegs and they kids might eat more fruits this way as well!

New recipe (thank you pinterest) that Todd and I tried today: avocado egg bake. Basically you slice an avocado in half, remove pit, crack an egg in the hole (which um ya steady the avocado first and still expect run out) then bake at 425 till you are happy with your egg. We topped it with some shredded cheese (let it melt) and then salsa! yum-o of course once you get used to warm avocado!

Goal this week besides exercising more is to redesign my blog! Todd is going to help so maybe Wednesday night!

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