Wednesday, February 15, 2012

another WW weigh in

Well I was up this week, I knew I would be, I mean yesterday was Valentines Day. I spent the evening with my church small group which had a pot luck and then came home and had fancy cheese/meat try with the wonderful Todd! I slept so great and barely made it to my meeting right when the meeting part started. I am up 1.4

Today I was supposed to work out at lunch but took the time to study, really hoping I passed the test because I am sooooo ready to be done with this class!!!  Tonight the kids' school is doing a pizza fundraiser, I am ordering papa johns, save me blah! I love their pizza but think I will make asparagus for the side for 2 reasons I don't want them to go bad and I would like to eat them first to fill up a little. Now the question, do I go out in the rain to the gym, go to the housing gym, get on the dreadmill??


  1. I am catching up on your blog after taking some blogging time off (both from writing and reading them), and I saw this post. I didn't know you were doing WW! I am too, and I began 12/10. I saw your weigh-ins, and I must say, you are doing AWESOME!!! I have ONE toddler, am a stay at home mom, and STILL have to work at it. You are my total hero!!! Keep it up, and I can't wait to hear how it goes. Nice to find another WW gal! I LOVE it.

    1. I love weight watchers as well, I have been on and off WW for about 9 years now! It works when I work it!!!! Keep up the great work!