Tuesday, February 7, 2012

pulling my hair out!!!

Ok right this moment, I want to scream, cry, hit something I don't know I just have a lot of pent up anger. Now how does this effect my weight loss? A lot!!! So I work nights and laid down around 9am to get 2 missed calls by 1154 so I think maybe it is important and I call the unknown number back to find out it is my tenant who just broke her lease (5 months early, no stress there right?) So then I call my property manager and ask why she gave out my number to tenants that I may take to court for breaking the lease if I don't get new tenants soon. How unprofessional right?  so I got about 3 hours of sleep and was upset and stressed so I didn't go back to bed. so thats issue number one, but lack of sleep really really isn't good!
stress=a trip to minimart getting a diet dr pepper, a big sharp cheddar cheese, and zingers! I LOVE ZINGERS and they are my go to stress food! but damn how many calories did i eat!  i didn't even look! im sure it was like 900 or more! ugh

2nd OMG i think I am going to pull my hair out moment is with my son, I am sure I mentioned him before. He has fetal alcohol effect, ADHD, ODD and numerous other diagnosis. Well can you imagine doing homework with him!!!! We have been doing math for an HOUR!!! and that is just the front of the math sheet!

I have been trying to talk myself out of spin tonight but I know I need it!!! plus i blogged I was going to go! so i must go LOL! I feel a little bit relieved typing this out. and I know after an hour sweating my bum off on the spin bike I will feel even better, then I end the night with my wonderful church women's small group!!! so off to change and hit the Y!


  1. Oh my gosh!! I am with you on the homework thing! Today after 2 hours we stopped because I was ready to strangle her. We finished it at 8 tonight after Wesley went to bed and she took a shower. She only has ADHD, I don't know how you do it with all the other diagnosis'. Hang in there lady, you are doing awesome! Good job on the good for you breakfast and lunch. I'll keep you in my prayers to find a new tenant fast.

  2. I realized he didn't have his meds that morning!!!!

  3. oh and we have a potential tenant!!! woot woot prayers work!