Monday, February 6, 2012

gymboss interval timer

I recently sat in a Galloway seminar, if you don't know who he is and you like to run I would look him up. He has wrote many books and adopted a run/walk/run method for distance running that no only improves your time and helps keep injuries away! I asked him if i were to buy only one of his books which one should buy and he recommended Running and Fatburning for Women ( i have only got through about one chapter but like it so far).

 Anyhow I was running and doing my intervals and looking at my garmin for the times and well sometimes i forgot when i was supposed to walk or missed the minute marker.  There's this little device called gymboss interval timer, of course I got the pink one! Anyhow I got it for $25 on amazon and it is amazing, it beeps and/or vibrates at your intervals and when you have done all sets it beeps alot! 

Anyhow I drove over to Subase Point Loma today to run while my husband did his PT (physical training). It was a bit warmer than I am used to and I ran faster than I normally did and did a 2:1 ratio of running/walking. I wanted to quit but had 45 mins on my schedule and I did it because I posted on  my blog that I would.  And as the quote running around pinterest says; I never regret a workout but regret skipping one! I had brought us lunch, the lentil soup I made from all my produce that was going bad and we ate it on a bed or romaine lettuce. YUM! Todd was still full from the amazing bowl of oatmeal I made this morning. (1/2 c oats, 1c milk, 1T cinnamon chips, 1T shredded coconut) I finished my lunch off with 2 cutie tangerines. It was great to see my husband and get a great run in! Can't wait to do it more often, the track at Point Loma was made because of Todd's old CO from USS Olympia who was a runner, its that tot turf type of stuff and it goes by the ocean, through a grassy area, and past the subs, and softball fields, and gym (I saw the spin class huffing away). Until later have a great day! 

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