Tuesday, February 21, 2012

what is in your kitchen?

What is in your kitchen that helps you get to your goals?
Awesome sharp kitchen knife
electronic scale
Tablespoons and measuring cups

What is in your kitchen that helps you make homemade meals instead of fast food?
13x9 in pan
*immersion blender
food processor
*bread maker
*kitchen aide mixer

*all new purchases in the past couple months

Where do you get your recipes or tips on cooking new items?
google of course! pinterest has really got me cooking more and magazines


  1. 1. A weekly produce box that gets delivered to my doorstep, is the same price as grocery store produce so I can justify the (non)expense, and forces me to eat my fruits and veggies because I leave them sitting on the counter!
    2. definitely the Kitchenaid food processor and probably also my awesome new pizza/bread stone

    I read cookbooks for fun and collect old ones. I also love watching Food Network :) And of course, blogs!! So many great recipes out there (part of my problem) :)

  2. Becca,
    how do you get the produce box delivered I am interested!