Monday, February 20, 2012

oh yes!!!

I just have to say that MAN it is like so hard to resist the damn food that keeps being left out for all in the break room! Last night it was Rosie's amazing lemon cake, I am glad I only ate one piece but the skinny nurses ate a couple, it was soooo good. I had decided that I was allowed to only eat fruit/veggies at work, this was working for awhile until Christmas and I haven't been as diligent. Last night after the lemon cake yumminess and midnight hit I only ate the peppers and cuties I brought with. I like to take 3 different f/v with me. Tonight will be a banana, peppers, blueberries and a grapefruit. I find grapefruits really help calm my munchies! I have also switched to tea to avoid the creamer calories! Ok off to make dinner for the family before my last shift of the 3! I am really hoping now that school is OVER I can make my fitness goals! Enjoy!!!!

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