Saturday, February 18, 2012

running running running

Today was 8 miles on the La Jolla coastline, BEAUTIFUL!!!! I mean it is so beautiful it doesn't even feel like a work out. Anyhow Did the 8 miles in like 1:58. After the run, Todd and I took the kids to the Y to swim. I forgot to check the schedule and we got there and it wasn't open swim so darn we had to spend 20 mins in the hot tub. I am good and sleepy for my nap now! Just when I had warned the kids they had 10 mins left (I had left potatoes baking in the oven) the fire alarm went off so we came home. Now I am making baked potato eggs  from a pinterest recipe. YUM! my scale loves that I took spin yesterday and ran today! Enjoy your 3 day weekend, my kids got a 4 day one!

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