Friday, February 17, 2012

The Y

So I have been saying I really want to try a TRX class out, base has them and the Y started offering them for no fee. So I get up and head to the gym, walk in and find out that you have to get there 30 mins early to get a card for your spot. BLAH! So I stand there debating what to do and I didn't have music with me, we all know how horrible it is to have no music!!!  I walked into spin class and jumped on a bike! 550 calories burnt didn't seem to be regretted!!!

On a food note, I made Kale chips today while sauteeing up veggies that were about to go bad. not bad at all I will make more for Todd when he gets home so he can try them. I am baking banana bread w/pecan pieces in it and need to run to the store for buttermilk so I can make oatmeal bread in my breadmaker. Tonight I will be making chicken and dumplings for the first time! For now, I will veg and watch NCIS, Greys, Private practice and rest up for tomorrow's 8 mile run in La Jolla!

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